Spanish Interpreting has registered court interpreters with the Louisiana Supreme Court's Office of Language Access. Our interpreters have many years of experience in Spanish interpreting in a wide range of forums including court appearances, depositions, client meetings, jail visits, and more. Call now at 504.453.2115.

Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpretation offer a variety of services in Spanish and English interpretation. We have great attention to detail in consecutive and simultaneous interpretation. Our team is familiar with the "Real Academia Española" (RAE), Webster's and Oxford's dictionaries as well as regional Latin American dialects and local slang. Our professionals interpret in person and via video conference.

Experience Across All Forums has 7 plus years of Spanish interpreting experience across most business, quasi-legal and legal forums. We offer our interpreting, business and support services to a wide range of clients. We work closely with law firms in the New Orleans area who specialize in criminal and civil litigation such as personal injury, family law, maritime law, mass litigation and construction law, among others. Our interpreters also offer services for immigration interviews.

Document Translations also offers document Spanish/English and English/Spanish document translations. We specialize in legal documents such as wills, bills of sale, affidavits, and more. Contact us for more information.


Fast, Reliable and Flexible Schedules can find you an interpreter with as little as 30 minutes notice in Orleans Parish (subject to signed contract). Our interpreters can offer lighting fast interpretation services through video chat services.


Impact on the Community

We have interpreted for clients from all walks of life since we opened in 2014. Our Services have impacted hundreds of lives. Our work has afforded many Spanish-speaking clients access to justice.  

What Clients Are Saying

" is the best interpretation service our firm has worked with. Eric was professional and very helpful. He was ready ready to translate at the flip of a dime. His legal background really helped translating in a legal context. is hands-down the Weiser Law Firm's go-to interpretation service."

Harold E. Weiser, III

"Eric from was great! He was very professional and punctual. I highly recommend their services."

Donald "Andy" Mau
Attorney at Miguel A. Elias Law Firm

"Eric from was available on short notice for a 2-hour jail visit in St. Tammany Parish. Great guy, great service."

Barry S. Ranshi

"El Sr. Eric de me puso en contacto con un abogado en Nueva Orleans y también interpretó entre dicho abogado y yo."

José E. Cedeiro Janeiro
Abogado en Euler Hermes